and (2012)

01/10 - SOFT

And I stepped gently,
tentatively out of the studio
into that deep darkness,
a rural nightness,
a field of invisibility,
with temporary night blindness,
slowly to be replaced by
the softest palest of pinks
with no moon and no stars,
only the pale cloud cover
reflecting a gentle brightness
onto the snow,
that I stumble through
with a satisfying confectionary

'My scrawls, jottings, lines, poems occur when I’m not scribbling and sketching… when I’m not painting and drawing... or when I’m not sculpting and printmaking.

They appear as lines on beer mats in pubs, on scraps in my pocket, on a pad kept by my bed. Thoughts, feelings, conversations, read or heard phrases, stuff that falls out of my head as the written word instead of as a brush stroke or a pencil mark.

Why ‘and’? Because of all of the above but also maybe because a lot of the first lines seem to start with that word.'

Originally printed to celebrate his 50th birthday in 2011, this is the only printed collection of Kurt Jackson’s poetry so far.


Signed copies of and is available from Kurt Jackson Editions.