Peeking through unfocused slits of eyes. 2016.
pencil sketch on paper. 25 x 15cm. Not for sale.

A note from Kurt on the arrival of his son Seth's second child.

"And so he arrived yesterday fresh from Truro hospital – a little early, a little late who knows, who makes these laws anyway?

Isaac Jago Robert Jackson is here - our fourth Grandchild what an extending family, nearly a tribe – a tribal name anyway.

Perfect in every way with his Native American tones and his Oasis haircut, minuscule and unfolding, peeking out of those unfocused slits of eyes. A slight mew, but mostly just content to snuggle into my left arm, whilst my right arm draws in a sketchbook bought in the St Just newsagents up the road for this purpose."

Kurt Jackson 5/5/16