Thelonious. 12 hours old.
pencil sketch on paper. 20.5 x 21cm. Not for sale.

Introducing our new grandchild, our grandson Thelonious Rosco Michael Tucker born to Zinzi and Fynn on the 1st of October in the early hours.

I made this quick drawing across the pages of my sketchbook during our visit to the hospital in Truro. Over the 2 hours I aimed to fill a sketchbook with as many scribbles as possible – if I did enough one of them had to work and capture this precious moment.

I cuddled him, perfect in his miniature wise old man form, and sketched him asleep on my lap and then as he was passed around the admiring family.

A beautiful life drawing session. A sleepy model; he was oblivious to my drawing but when he did finally awaken I saw his huge dark eyes ready to take in this big world.

Kurt Jackson 2014