Sea Pinks / Thrift. May 2014.
mixed media on board. 20.5 x 21cm. £3250.

Looking out of the door of my bolthole, my boat hut, I can see the cliff edge literally three feet away before the vertical drop into the cove. From my viewpoint the sea is sandwiched between this ledge of rock with its hardy saline resistant greenery and the sky above.

This bit of cliff forms a wild front garden of buckhorn plantain, sea beet and the thrift, with the thrift or sea pink forming wind-sculpted cushions of blue green each crowned with its own pink array of flowers. Visited by the red-tailed bumble bees, stone still and solid in the path of sea blown gales and Atlantic storms the flowers sit patiently waiting to be painted at the foot of my sea studies. They exist as an excuse to use the pink in my paint box.

Kurt Jackson 2014