Glastonbury Festival. From the tower across a hot Glasto. Norah Jones drifts with the wind. 2010.
Mixed media 57 x 60cm. Price on Application.

In 2010 Michael Eavis arranged for me to paint from a 40 foot high scaffold tower on a hilltop; this gave me my own Worthy Farm stage in the sky above the fields of tents with an unprecedented view out over the valley and the Glastonbury Festival site towards the Pyramid Stage.

Once I had climbed the ladder and hoisted all my paints up and was settled, installed on my eyrie with all my materials spread out around me and in reach I had the best studio possible; no disturbance just that inspiring panorama spread out beneath and in front of me with the sounds and smells of the festival drifting on the wind. Here I worked, painting over that long weekend, visited only by family members, the media world and the odd pigeon but above 200,000 or so happy punters.

Vibrant with the colour and sunshine this painting captures the atmosphere and crowds of that year’s hot festival, a sea of tents, the circus and stage big tops and then behind the trees and more tents a distant Glastonbury Tor down the Vale of Avalon.

Kurt Jackson 2014