Obsession: Following the Surfer (2016)
Camera by
Fynn Tucker
Drone photography by Paul Hutson
Edit, compositing and color grade by Fynn Tucker

This short film sees artist Kurt Jackson following his studio assistant George, an avid surfer as they both tackle the waves off the Cornish coast.

This film was originally produced to accompany the 2016/2017 exhibition 'Kurt Jackson: Obsession - Following the Surfer' at the Jackson Foundation Gallery, St Just, Cornwall.


Place (2014)
Camera by
Caroline Jackson & Kurt Jackson
Edit, compositing and color grade by Fynn Tucker

Artist Kurt Jackson and Caroline Jackson turn the camera on, and respond to, the favorite places of 32 diverse contributors in this series of vignettes.

This film was produced to accompany Kurt Jackson's touring solo exhibition 'Place'.


A Night full of Sardines (2014)
Camera by Andrew Brown

Edited by Melissa Warren
Produced by Emma George

Was this the most challenging place I have given myself to paint in yet?

Out on the open sea under cover of darkness in the rain, swaying around on top of the wheelhouse of a pilchard boat - a Cornish sardine boat working out of Newlyn.

As part of my new series of paintings looking at sustainable inshore fishing I wanted to get out in the boats and paint alongside the fishermen; in this case on The Pride of Cornwall.

Nerves, excitement, gull scream, diesel and fish stink, fantastic!


Studio International Kurt Jackson Interview (2014)
Interview by Nicola Homer

Filmed by Martin Kennedy

Contemporary art journal Studio International recently visited Kurt Jackson in and around his West Cornwall studio to produce this short film.

This piece explores Kurt's environmental politics, inspiration and gifts us with a rare glimpse inside the large industrial space Jackson purchased to serve as an environmentally informed art space near the centre of his hometown St Just in Penwith.


The Thames Revisited (2013)
Filmed by Caroline Jackson & Kurt Jackson
Edited and Composited by Fynn Tucker

The camera follows artist Kurt Jackson as he in turn follows the River Thames from its source deep inland down through the varied backdrops of Britain, both ancient and modern until her waters mingle with and disperse into the North Sea.

This film was created to accompany Kurt Jackson's 2013 solo exhibition The Thames Revisited rwhich ran 19th November 2013 - 1st February 2014 at the Redfern Gallery, Cork Street, London.


Royal Academy Thames Revisited Studio Film (2013)
Filmed and Edited by Fynn Tucker

In 2013 The Royal Academy in London commissioned Kurt Jackson to produce a short studio film detailing the thought process and inspirations behind his solo show The Thames Revisited.

The Thames Revisited ran 19th November 2013 - 1st February 2014 at the Redfern Gallery, Cork Street, London.


My Mate Ronnie (2013)
Filmed and Edited by Fynn Tucker

Still Photography by Liam Addison
Music by Band of Gypsys

An average day up our way?

On the 7th of March 2013 Ronnie finally arrived home from the foundry having been cast in bronze from my original plaster mold.

It took 3 men, 2 electrical extension cables and 1 heavy duty digger to move and then hoist my quarter of a tonne friend into place. This is that story.


Kurt Jackson: Live at Glastonbury 2010 (2011)
Filmed and Edited by Fynn Tucker

I have been the Artist in Residence at Glastonbury Festival for over 10 years now. In 2010 Michael Eavis built me my own stage to paint the festival from a new perspective.

I'd like to say a big thank you to Radiohead for use of the song 'Morning Mr Magpie', from their 2011 album 'The King of Limbs'.

This film was made to be shown as part of Falmouth Art Gallery's retrospective Kurt Jackson at 50.


The Forth (2011)
Filmed by Caroline Jackson
Edited by Fynn Tucker

An encounter when I was a teenager inspired me to follow this Scottish river and to make a body of work from the source to the sea. Filmed in Scotland at several locations.

This film accompanied the exhibition The Forth at the Dovecot Gallery, Edinburgh in 2011.


The Thorn of Carnyorth Common (2011)
Filmed by and Edited by Fynn Tucker

As part of a project about the trees of Cornwall I choose one extraordinary individual growing near my home on the edge of the moors. This thorn tree is put under my scrutiny through the seasons.

The Thorn of Carnyorth Common
accompanied the exhibition Tree: Gwedhen at the Lemon Street Gallery, 2011.


The Dart (2010)
Filmed by Caroline Jackson
Edited by Fynn Tucker

As a boy my father was evacuated to Dartmouth in the war; his descriptions and memories encouraged me to visit this estuary. I then followed the river back up to the sources high up on Dartmoor and on the way encountered the beauty and diversity of this English watercourse.

Made for the exhibition The Dart in 2010.


On the Point of Ardnamurchan: Two Hooded Crows and the Rain (2010)
Filmed by Caroline Jackson and Fynn Tucker
Edited by Fynn Tucker

The most westerly point on mainland Britain; in Scotland.
After working there I returned to my studio with my sketches and memories to make this tryptich.

This film accompanied the exhibition Ardnamurchan at the Dovecot Gallery, Edinburgh in 2010.

Thanks to Doves for the use of their music.


A Taste of Glastonbury (2010)
Edited by Fynn Tucker

A retrospective of media coverage in the papers and on television covering my work as the festival artist/artist in residence at Glastonbury Festival over all these years.

This film was created to accompany an exhibition/charity auction in which works from and depicting Glastonbury Festival were put under the hammer in aid of Greenpeace.


An Mor Kernewek/Shave Green (2009)
Original Edits by Robin Kewell

2009 Edit by Fynn Tucker

An Mor Kernewek
‘The Cornish Sea’ or ‘The Sea in the Cornish language’ . To celebrate a local cove a massive seascape is painted en plein air on a canvas covered with beach sand and rags. The miners took the sand; the Cornish language nearly vanished; there is no ‘Cornish Sea’.

Made in 2002 to accompany the touring show Porth.

Shave Green
Painting in the New Forest under a beech canopy of green where travellers lived in a tent city before their final expulsion from the forest.
Now only the stories remain of their lives under the trees.

This film was made to be shown alongside a touring exhibition in 2005 Three Woods.