From Here (Summer 2015)
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The first exhibition at the newly opened Jackson Foundation space in Kurt's hometown of St Just, From Here represents the recent results of a very long meditation on the business of belonging – every last piece in such a treasure trove of bronzes, ceramics, jewellery, canvases, etchings and other works on paper, is a marker on an interior, domestic and neighbourly voyage. It runs into the depths of individual identity, family and community and out over the topography of intimate landscapes where familiarity has bred not contempt but contentment - joy in the glory of the down-to-earth and everyday: happiness in home.

This is a show about very particular meeting places and points of separation, of clamour and silence. It’s about the past impacting on the present. And for all its intense singularity this homage to locality, and of social and emotional and spiritual grounding, is about who and where we are or yearn to be.

Kurt Jackson says: “St Just in Penwith is the most westerly town in Britain and the furthest from London outside of Scotland. It is a place on the margins; geographically isolated and battered by the elements, it is a post-industrial town in a post-industrial landscape, with a fading fishing industry, a struggling farming community and an increasing holidaying population. Nevertheless it is a beautiful place, a place of granite in the transitional space between the Atlantic cliffs and the Cornish moors.”

“This place stands as a microcosm for the world at large. As any place it is defined by the complex interactions between the human inhabitants, the flora and fauna, the geology, the elements, the culture and history and the resulting evolution of a community.”

Kurt and Caroline Jackson came to St Just in 1989 from North Cornwall, moving into the old police house. Seven years later they moved the short distance to an extended 19th century miner’s cottage and smallholding high on a hillside and with a commanding view over their adopted parish and beyond to the sea.

From here they have lived and worked and raised their family.

Kurt Jackson: From Here
Summer 2015
The Jackson Foundation, North Row, St Just, Cornwall, TR19 7LB.
Telephone: +44 (0)1736 787 638