Foraging (21st March - 26th April 2015)
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I search this land
Comb through furze and bramble
Peer into the sward
I enter the greenery
The shrubbery
I forage the foliage

Walking the shoreline
Following the stream and river
Scanning the pool and pond
Sifting the shingle and sediment
Under low skies and high cloud
Foraging in rain and gales, sun and moonshine

To bring home the findings
And trap the game
Snare the essence
Harvest the discoveries
For when I am done with this foraging
My canvas is laden, my paper is complete
Although my appetite is rarely satiated - Kurt Jackson, Jan 2015

Kurt Jackson: Foraging
21st March - 26th April 2015
Campden Gallery, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire