A Cornish Bestiary
(22nd September - 17th October 2015)

Natural history and the arts have been the two threads running throughout Jackson's life.

Jackson has chosen to look again at zoology and make a body of work about fauna. Many of the subjects are the day to day animals he comes across – the birds, insects, fish but others have been sought out – looked for – the more unusual species.

The idea of a bestiary goes back to medieval times when religious instruction led to the interpretation of animal life often using beautiful illustrations for this purpose. Later many artists followed this idea but without the religious context.

This exhibition aims to celebrate the diversity of life around Jackson in his day to day life in Cornwall. The moth on the windowpane, the fish in the pond, the toad in the garden, the bird on the roof.

Kurt Jackson: A Cornish Bestiary
22nd September - 17th October 2015
Redfern Gallery, 20 Cork Street, London, W1S 3HL.
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